The Proteomic Landscape of Triple Negative Breast Cancer

This tool allows you to examine an integrated view of cellular subtypes, genetic mutations, protein expression and drug sensitivity. Enter a protein or select a drug below to generate a volcano plot, then select specific points from the plot to display the protein abundance and mutational profile.

  • TP53
  • PIK3CA
  • BRCA2
  • MLL3
  • BCR
  • ATM
  • NF1
  • PLAG1
  • BCOR
  • MYST4
  • PML
  • BUB1B
  • BRAF
  • NCOA4
  • MLL
  • PTEN
  • ABL1
  • ATRX
  • PIK3R1
  • NOTCH2
  • BRIP1
  • CREB1
  • FLT3
  • PAX5
  • RECQL4
  • USP6
  • NCOA2
  • SRGAP3
  • CARS
  • NSD1
  • NUP98
  • ROS1
  • SSX1
  • TET2
Subtype clusters were determined using hierarchical clustering of proteome profiles as reported in the manuscript that accompanies this website, Lawrence et al. (2015). Cluster membership is indicated in the protein abundance profile. Copy number and mutation data was obtained from the Sanger Institute Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer web site, http://www.sanger.ac.uk/cosmic Bamford et al (2004), COSMIC v68. Drug sensitivity data was generated internally “OncoBlau” or acquired externally from the Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer web site, http://www.cancerrxgene.org, Yang et al (2013), GDSC rel. 2.0.